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With Flight Online, all the flight prices (grey market, IATA, GIT, NDC and low-cost carriers) can be searched online and checked for availability, and the flight schedules of the various systems compared.

The cheapest, best and fastest tariffs are displayed in a prominent position at the top of the price list. The best value for money is calculated anew based on the available fares and travel times for each search. In addition, all the flight options of an airline that are equally expensive are grouped together and not – as in the other search engines – listed individually. This greatly reduces the number of tariffs and requires a lot less scrolling, which is a great advantage – especially on small devices. The booking engine is responsive, meaning that it adapts automatically to the size of the output devices, so the information is displayed correctly and clearly arranged even on a mobile phone or tablet.

The sorting functions and various filter functions make it easier to choose a tariff. Multi-Trip allows open-jaw and round trips – such as Zurich–Bangkok–Singapore–Hong Kong–Zurich – to be booked. With the basket function, several different and independent airfares can be added to the shopping basket and booked together in a single booking process.

- Multisystem (IATA and LCC)
- A price overview for the cheapest, best and fastest connection
- Responsive, automatically adapting to the size of the output device
- Sorting functions
- Filter functions
- Multi-trip for open-jaw and round trips
- Basket function

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