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hotel online

Hotel Online is a hotel booking engine that can be easily integrated into any home page. It can be used alone or together with Basket, Rail and Flight Online.

Links from various hotel operators can be integrated into websites. This, however, enables the user to bypass the travel agency, since the hotel operator communicates with the traveller direct. This means that the traveller receives the e-mail confirmation, the voucher and the invoice not in your name but in the name of the hotel operator.

With Hotel Online, you serve your customers directly. In the background, the reservation is likewise made directly with the hotel operator – but as this is done in the name of your travel agency, you can continue to process the booking at any time. The same applies to any communication between the traveller and your travel agency: the customer receives the e-mail confirmation from you, you collect the money and you also send the hotel voucher. This means that your professional competence as a travel agency comes to the fore and you can maintain customer loyalty. One or more hotel systems can be searched at the same time.

Hotel Online accesses the content of several bed banks simultaneously (Expedia, GTA, Hotelbeds, SunHotels and TotalStay); a total of over 250,000 hotels. Handily, the hotels are linked to Google Maps so that the position of each hotel can be precisely pinpointed on a map. Besides the usual filter functions, such as the star category or TripAdvisor rating, there is also a geographical filter function that is tailored to the respective city, which means that, in Berlin, for example, you can pre-filter for «Brandenburg Gate», «Central Station», «TV Tower» or «Near the airport».

Hotel suppliers:
- Expedia
- Hotelbeds
- STC Switzerland Travel Center
- SunHotels
- TotalStay

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