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News October 2019
New rail IBE shopping basket went live for Railtour

Rail products have now been fully integrated into the shopping basket. Rail services can now finally be searched and booked with the same ease and comfort as flights. This has thus «opened the door to Europe’s railways». Specifically, offers from SBB, Deutsche Bahn, SNCF (France), ÖBB (Austria), Trenitalia, AVE (Spain), Eurostar and Thalys can now be booked and combined with each other as well as with the other services in the IBE shopping basket, such as flights, hotels or excursions. This will make work much easier for travel agencies, since the intuitive booking interface makes combining rail travel, accommodation and a wide range of activities into one single package as easy as pie!

The new rail booking interface not only saves time, but also provides a better overview of the price structure. This means that economy prices, flex prices and TO prices are all visible in the same environment or the search can be filtered by selecting these criteria. Since national and international connections are combined, enquiries from the place of residence to the destination abroad are all easy to make – including reserving seats on all trains that offer seat reservations. And, best of all, in collaboration with Railtour/Frantour, there is an electronic ticket delivery service, meaning the travel agency can give the customer their e-tickets immediately.


News April 2019
ÖBB orders IBE shopping basket from Online Travel

The IBE shopping basket has already been in use at Railtour and TUI Suisse for several months. The new technology supports both the products of dynamic package tours and compositions of individual modular tours. Flight, train, hotel, transfer and rental car providers can all be integrated – either via «real-time» or «cache-based» player links.


News March 2019
TUI Suisse also backs the shopping basket technology from Online Travel

The TUI Flex Travel Basket offers users additional flexibility because it lets them simultaneously book different hotels, empty stays and various excursions within one or more booked flight routes. Connecting various bed banks together gives users around 300,000 hotels to choose from.

The Flex Travel Basket replaces the previous Flex Travel Discount. With a new look and feel, the focus is on intuitive and easy use. Moreover, travel agency partners can book real-time availability of different products in a joint dossier. One further advantage is the multilingualism of the service (German, French, Italian and English) and the availability of non-refundable offers.

After Railtour/Frantour, TUI is the second tour operator on the Swiss market to use this new dynamic interface of Online Travel, which can still be accessed via Touronline and Cets.


News February 2019
Railtour/Frantour uses NDC solution from Online Travel

Railtour/Frantour is the first customer to use the NDC solution from Online Travel. This means that, using Travelfusion technology, the new IBE shopping basket can be used to book all Lufthansa Group fares. It already has a large number of connected low-cost carriers and numerous network carriers, such as Lufthansa Group, British Airways and Air France/KLM, which are already linked via the new NDC protocol.

This low-cost NDC integration ensures that all airfares can still be booked via the various booking engines of Online Travel.


News January 2019
Railtour starts using the new IBE shopping basket from Online Travel

At present, only hotels, flights and extras can be booked, but rail services will be added at the end of 2019. All the services booked are combined in a single central shopping basket and, in the end, everything is booked in a single dossier.

The content of several bed banks (Expedia, GTA, Hotelbeds, SunHotels and TotalStay) – a total of around 150,000 hotels – can be accessed, in the “Hotels” area. Handily, the hotels are linked to Google Maps, so that the position of each hotel can be precisely pinpointed on a map. Besides the usual filter functions, such as the star category or TripAdvisor rating, there is already a geographical filter function that is tailored to the respective city, i.e., in Berlin, for example, you can pre-filter for «Brandenburg Gate», «Central Station», «TV Tower» or «Near the airport».

The Universal API from Galileo is used in the flight area, and the low-cost airlines are connected via Travelfusion. This means that all kinds of flights can be booked, including one-way flights or international connections without a departure/destination in Switzerland. Handily, all flight options are listed under one price – i.e., not every flight option with a possibly identical price – which makes the display of results much clearer. What is more, all flight details are immediately visible at the click of a mouse; something particularly useful when a customer is consulting you.

Finally, the Extras area contains GetYourGuide offers, supplemented by Railtour/Frantour’s own services, which are integrated into the presentation logic of GetYourGuide, but are identified with a Railtour logo. Additional services worldwide can be booked in combination with flights or hotels or alone.

This is also the primary advantage of the new Shopping basket: it allows you to do everything, i.e., you can book different destinations and several hotels in one dossier, combining them any way you like. You can also vary the number of people for every service you book. For example, you can book flights for 4 people, but then book tickets to a show for only 2 people. When checking out from the shopping basket, you have to enter the maximum number of people; the booked services are then assigned to the corresponding people stored in the system (via a drop-down menu). Finally, once again, a successful, flexible and easy-to-use system.


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